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Presence/Absence Test for Total Coliforms and E. Coli

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The First Definitive Water Test System for Coliforms and E. coli

Colitag™ is the most versatile test ever! It has the widest approved testing window in the industry: 16-48 hours, greater selectivity for Total Coliforms and E. coli, a growth inhibitor for Aeromonas and Pseudomonas and is US EPA Approved for use in MPN format provided that the sum of all individual portions of the sample total 100mL.

Ease of Use

  • Apply media, incubate and compare
  • Minimal training required


  • Patented process revives chlorine-injured bacteria
  • Reduced false negatives
  • Includes built-in ability to detect MUG-negative E. coli using the reliable indole test

Federally Approved

  • US EPA approved
  • Approved methods for microorganisms


  • Most competitive pricing on cost-per-test on the market
  • 22 month shelf life from the manufacture date
  • Expiration date is printed on media box and individual blisters

Fast and Flexible

  • 16 to 48 hour test procedure
  • Collection to media application in seconds
  • Disposable sample vessels - no washing glassware

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