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Model PEMO-7LE

Radiation in Water Detectors Model PEMO-7LE

The PEMO-7LE uses standard NaI(Tl) Detector in T/A's unique Strap-On Style Shield to continuously measure any water or airborne gamma emitting Radioactive contaminants, optional data logging with date and time stamp. The water or air stream is under constant surveillance via a scintillation detector. The unit is completely self-contained.


  • The PEMO-7LE Pipe Monitor assures accurate detection and quick alarm in case of waterborne radioactivity contamination flowing thru one or more pipes, by means of constant check with alarm and data record on optionally included computer. It provides integrated exposure information and can provide hard copy via external printer. It is a complete system but may be expanded per need with modules of the FM-7 series and/or other Ethernet / Internet devices. The PEMO-7LE is a sensitive and versatile version of the broadly used, TBM-emergency response radiation detector for Water and Air Monitors. It may be used to monitor water in pipes, ducts or effluent streams down to low levels.


  • Installs Anytime Anywhere
  • No Penetration, No Downtime
  • Sensitivity Independant of Flow Rate
  • Complete Ethernet / Internet System with built-in server or Ethernet Node
  • Real Time Alarm
  • Rate and Integrated Exposure
  • Local Read-out
  • Works well with all standard Scada Data Systems

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