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Old Technology vs. Hydrodyne

Most other colorimeters on the market utilize the old "glorified" color wheel technology developed many years ago.

Field testing can be highly affected by turbidity in the sample, temperature change, amount of stray light, and even the misalignment of a detector light any of which can drastically distort results.

Shortfalls of conventional technology
  1. Cannot allow for changes in temperature
  2. Turbid samples create incorrect results
  3. Factory re-calibration is a necessity which creates downtime
  4. Wear and tear of components produce inaccurate results

With Hydrodyne's Patented Curve Fit (CF™) Technology, your results will be free of any variance because our colorimeters recalibrate every time you run a test.

Never again concerned with turbid samples
    ...worry about temperature changes
    ...send your instrument back to the factory for recalibration

Colorimeters from Continental Hydrodyne will save you time and money while eliminating the typical problems associated with other colorimeters using old, outdated technology.

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