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Reagent Delivery System - Easy, Safe & Accurate

The Hydrodyne Reagent System is the simplest to use in the industry. Reagent vials are pre-measured and pre-filled. All you need to do. Just Add Water.

Our pre-filled vials will save time and money.

  • More accurate - no measuring and mixing in the field reduces the chance for human error
  • Safer to use - nothing to contaminate the ground or come in contact with eyes/skin and no breaking glass of vacuum filled vials
  • No wasted time cleaning glassware - a fresh vial every time you test
  • Available in boxes of 50 vials or trays of 250 vials or bulk quantities

Our unique vial reagent system provides the fastest, easiest and most accurate method for analyzing your samples. Forget about using clumsy spoons and pipets because almost all tests come pre-filled in each vial with the reagents you need. Just add water!

Contact Continental Hydrodyne Systems for information about reagent kits and pricing.

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